Relevant background information Edit

The last game (the Ministry of Argon ARG) focused on a strange organization called the Ministry of Argon--a group that could, with training, use a special machine to communicate with their ancestors in the past (for example, a key decision we had to make was whether to ask one character to contact her grandmother while she was on a boat in 1939 and ask her to assassinate another passenger on the boat). Ministry agents--ourselves included--were sometimes referred to as Argonauts, and each of us had a codename chosen from the list of the original crew of the Argos in Greek mythology. (In a metagame sense, it was also appropriate that the characters and players in an ARG should be referred to as ARGonauts; other connections between the abbreviation ARG and in-game clues came up at various point throughout the Vanessa Atalanta and Ministry of Argon ARGs.) Several of the players and some of the Ministry's agents were part of a Ning which was used as the official way in which the Ministry would communicate with its agents. Through the decisions we made, we altered the timeline in such a way that the Ministry was never formed, and the Ning suddenly changed to be for a fictional version of Queen's University's International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex, England, formerly the home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Some of the characters whom we'd known as Ministry agents were found to be professors of this university, having forgotten the lives they'd led in the other version of the timeline.

Through the events of the Vanessa Atalanta ARG and continuing through the Ministry of Argon ARG, before the timeline got changed, we became friends with a young lady named Vanessa Atalanta and her best friend Claire Hoskyns. Near the end of the Ministry of Argon ARG, Claire discovered that she was actually Vanessa's sister, not just her best friend. Their parents had basically programmed her and Vanessa to forget they were sisters for their own protection when Claire was only 8, setting things up in such a way that if certain circumstances arose, Claire would remember her actual relationship to Vanessa and would have to make decisions as to who would live and who would die. Vanessa was mostly unconscious (sleeping very restlessly for an unnaturally long time) near the end of the MoA ARG, but roused briefly to say to Claire, "All around me darkness gathers, Fading is the sun that shown; We must talk of other matters: You can be me when I'm gone." This turned out to be a trigger that caused Claire to remember her parents--the ones she really shared with Vanessa--addressing her at age 8 and explaining the situation. Changing the timeline in the way we did had as one result that Vanessa and Claire were not born as two sisters--rather, Claire's Facebook profile changed such that her name was now Claire Vanessa Atalanta, and interacting with her revealed that she now had much of the ditziness we originally encountered in Vanessa. She happens to be a student at the aforementioned International Study Centre, which in the game goes by the acronym RGO to symbolize its connection to the former home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory (and, in a metagame sense, because it phonetically sounds like "Argo"--a connection to the Ministry of Argon which had ceased to exist).

June 2010 Edit

June 7, 2010

Members of the Ning received the following e-mail:

Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas
A message to all members of RGO
Dear student,
As you may have experienced on campus [or, if you are registered off site, you may not be aware], the disappearance of our second in department of Classical Literature has caused a great deal of consternation and thus the online literary discussions for which you have signed up for have not taken place.
We do hope that Professor Oeagrusson is well* and would like to reassure any who were under him that the university will be fully understanding of your project works.
*Should anyone have information about Professor O., please do contact your department administrator as soon as possible.
Thank you.

June 8, 2010

Amandel found a Twitter account for Professor Oeagrusson at . His avatar at the time was Orpheus by Jean Delville.

Professor O. has two tweets posted:

Just received an alert.Poor fools at the old #ministry,do they not realise they're just shadows of what they once were.Not everyone forgot..
Imagination is the real&eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint #shadow...I will contact again when the sun is still.

Amandel noted, "Solstice literally means "sun still" (Jun 21 2010 at 7:28 AM EDT) and in Greek Mythology Orpheus is the son of Oeagrus."

Orpheus was the codename of one of the Ministry of Argon agents before the timeline his first tweet indicates that he remembers his life as a Ministry agent.

Orpheus also sends direct messages to some of us via twitter:

Stæld received the message, "You said that you've never been..."

Dagada received, "...but all the things you've seen..."

Dagada discovered that these are both fragments of lyrics from the song "Don't Look Back in Anger" by Oasis.

June 13, 2010

Dagada reported that he had asked Orpheus via a direct message, "You seem so familiar, sir. Are you the same one that I met that faded day? And do you honestly look back without anger?"

Orpheus replied, "the ship of theseus sails upon heroclitus' river... you tell me... Even etymology of the Similar words are held Together by white lies. #arg"

Dagada noted the capital letters spell out EST. This message turned out to refer to the song "E.S.T." by White Lies

dreamerblue received a DM from Orpheus containing a fragment of lyrics from this song: " a good girl and do what you're told..."

June 14, 2010

Amandel received a DM from Orpheus: "I hope you remember me..."

She also pointed out that a character from the previous two games, Vladimir, had made reference during them to an enduring identity paradox known as the Ship of Theseus (see, e.g.,; this ties in with the reply that Orpheus sent Dagada yesterday.

Orpheus changed his Twitter avatar to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Amandel suggested,

Appears from her FB posts that the "good girl" in question is the Claire&Vanessa merged identity and the E.S.T song Blue found is a direct entreaty on behalf of the undertoned Vanessa persona.
imo That song is a lyrical wake-up call esp. since its title is the latin word to "BE" which enforces the root (core) of the Theseus Ship question regarding the essence of ones being/identity in any world.

Stæld received another lyrics fragment from "E.S.T.": "Fate always loses hold..."

Amandel received another DM from Orpheus: "Now I've lost my disguise... Still,enough of Paolo N. and back to the V&A to return my costume eh?"

She suggested that the costume reference is to the Mad Hatter costume in his Twitter avatar. She also found that the tweet makes reference to Paolo Nutini and his Sunny Side Up album.

dreamerblue messaged Orpheus, "A White Lies fan, eh? They did a tour once with Florence and the Machine; I believe we had a mutual acquaintance who was a fan of theirs." (This was in reference to some songs by Florence and the Machine that were on a CD that Vanessa gave to a player during the MoA ARG.)

He responded, "I listen to words when they are spoken. The names mean nothing to me, but they do to others. At times..." (this was sent 3 times)

He also DM'd her, "Now yoU move with the Tide and I've heard you've found peace of mind? the thiNg is with a ship of fools, It's full of fools..."

The first sentence is from the song White Lies by Paolo Nutini (whom he'd also mentioned to amandel - so now we've had reference to a song called White Lies as well as a group of the same name)...and the capitalized letters do indeed spell out NUTINI.

June 15, 2010

Orpheus and Stæld share a DM exchange:

Orpheus: "Ever been to the underworld? Offen bach there, but then you'd call me a lyre I suppose?"

Stæld figured out that Orpheus was making reference to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice from Greek mythology; see, or also for a somewhat different version of the myth as portrayed in a opéra bouffe by Jacques Offenbach (hence the "Offen bach" reference in Orpheus' DM). Stæld summarized it thus:

In Offenbach's operetta, Orpheus and Eurydice were a couple, but they both fell in love with someone else. They discovered this, and kept quiet. The man with whom Eurydice fell in love was Pluto (Roman name of Hades), and so (short version) he killed Eurydice in order to have her with him in the Abyssus/Hades/Hell.

Then the gods of Olympus got to know of this, and they all wanted to help. So they all went to Hades in order to save Eurydice. At the same time, the Public Opinion wanted for Orpheus to go to Hades and save Eurydice, which he reluctantly agreed to.

In Hades, Jupiter wanted Eurydice for himself. So he and Orpheus made a deal in between themselves. As Orpheus walked out from Hades, not looking back (a trace of the traditional tale), Jupiter threw a lightning behind Orpheus, so that he had to turn around. He could not have Eurydice, and thus left emptyhanded (as he wished). The operetta ends with this, and a large party in Hades by the other gods (don't ask me).

Stæld responded to Orpheus, "A person of an open mind, I don't call people things without proof. Did you find what you sought, or did you lose it?"

Orpheus: "If something is not yet found, but still being sought, what is it to you then?"

June 17, 2010

An e-mail was sent to all members of the RGO Ning:

Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas
A message to all members of RGO

Dear students and staff,
It is with great dismay that I have to announce the closure of this discussion group.
With current cutbacks in the higher-education spheres, we have to all 'tighten our belts' and this luxury of communication is a cost that cannot be justified.
However, we will still maintain our emails for the purposes of communication, as well as the standard networks, so should you want to discuss any if the ideas mentioned in our symposiums then feel free.

We are looking into hosting somewhere that is free, getting one of our budding IT students to run it for us, but he currently has exams at current so it may take some time, probably the summer holidays at earliest.

Thanking you all for your contributions so far, and I will announce the new network to all of you by email/pigeon hole in staff room if/when it occurs.
We will close this site next Monday [21st June ]- should you need any files from here, I advise downloading them by then.

For now, this ship will sail into the sunset, harbouring again soon...

Best regards,

Note: The reason for the closing of the Ning was due to metagame concerns. The PM had mentioned before (in the post-game chat about the MoA game?) that Nings were no longer going to be free, starting in July (if dreamerblue recalls correctly), so he needed to find another avenue to use for the game due to funds being pretty tight. There was no insidious in-game reason for the shutting down of the Ning.

Orpheus posted a tweet: "[An aside, the fools are in port now. Monday their time of rest. Coincidences are the stuff of opportunities... All reality gone? #arg]"

Amandel pointed out that the coming Monday would be the solstice.

Orpheus also posted a tweet @sowasred2012: "Father sends his regards..." He also sent him a message (via unfiction? I'm not clear on this point, as sowasred mentions being contacted by O on twitter AFTER some further banter--dreamerblue), saying, "Friend, your help may be needed, but needs an address to correspond with. Do you wish to save innocent lives? If so, you will comply. Orpheus."

sowasred reported the next day that he "Had a little more banter with him after that, gave him my address and was eventually contact on twitter by @Oeagrusson (Professor Oeagrusson)."

Dagada reported that Orpheus had "requested my address 'without buttered toast and measles' as my horoscope may be required."

Dagada pointed out, "With that quote he's very much linking either himself or me to Owl from Winnie The Pooh. He often refers to me as 'little owl' - but we do know there is 'another owl'." (The "other owl" Dagada referred to was Vladimir, a character from the previous ARGs whose Ministry codename was Nestor.)

theclaw received a phone call from Orpheus, and reported, "looks like it's all kicking off from the solstice, the 21st. I think he's sending me something in the mail..."

Stæld's DM conversation with Orpheus continued:

Stæld: "That would be missing, then. Or just not found. Netrovata, we would call it in Esperanto. Unfound."

Orpheus: " Indeed. Now, what are YOU looking for?"

(continued the next day:)

Stæld: "I seek pieces of puzzles that don't seem to fit, just to find a way to make them. I seek a meaning, one to give confidence."

Oeagrusson wrote: "Pieces have now taken wing,like butterflies on the wind.Chaotically, they'll be found by those seeking to help others.All realites gone?#arg"

June 19, 2010

Orpheus' twitter avatar changed to a stone with the rune Isa carved into it. His bio was "Sun stands still, bodes incoming ill. Nights get black, time to fight back..."

Dagada noted, "Interesting he should choose to represent himself with a rune that frequently stands for ego and duplicity."

Dagada also commented on the Ministry's use of these runes:

it's interesting to note that O is using the Norse runic system, as all connected with the ministry have - including V. Symbolically speaking, it's the best known in terms of divination, but is frequently linked with more Germanic worldviews since WWII, especially when directly linked with use of the Norse Pantheon. To clarify, although this is used by many Norse neo-pagans innocently, its also imagary utilised by the far right.
The reason I'm mentioning it is that it could be seen as odd for a group claiming to be dedicated to furthering the protection of England, especially when they invoke the spectre of Nazi Germany, to utilise the symbols of the very groups they claim to stand against.
Especially when the UK has its own runic system (Ogham) and pantheon of deities to draw from.
Here's the thing. O's rune could be a Norse rune, but it could also be seen as Ogham too. He's a tricky one. He seemed to be working to protect V, although there are theories he was working with Vlad. When I met him he was abrupt yet businesslike, although he potentially turned threatening when he thought I had overheard too much. He says we can save lives - but at the same time is obfuscatory about who's and how. His thinly veiled insult to me about Winnie The Pooh's Owl was also interesting as it was quite a British reference. It's also interesting to note the number of "archaic" British slang terms that have been used by "young" characters, such as "out of her cups". All food for thought, I guess.

Opheus tweeted, "The sun stands still as a warning to all, will you help, will you heed the call? STOP THE FIFTEEN DAYS OF DARKNESS #ARG"

theclaw received a postcard from Orpheus. See the Postcards page for more info.

June 20, 2010

A final e-mail was sent from the RGO Ning:

Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas
A message to all members of RGO

Severest apologies but in the closure of this network access, personal information was hacked. This was beyond our control and seemed to have been someone on the 'inside' as it were. This is being looked into but we believe it was only the sign-in registers [d.o.b and mail contact address etc] NOT electronic access or banking details.
We do apologise but advise anyone who suffers any interruption to the main network to inform IT asap. Obviously with this 'ning' closing tomorrow, we are not worried about access here as no-one from the main campus will be using it.
We are closing it tomorrow [Monday 21st] so if you are needing any files, please copy from here. Thank you.
[links will still be active though, but obviously no staff will be using the site... it will be dissolved in July.]
Thank you and sorry once again

Due to what we knew about Orpheus from the previous game, we were to take this as a sign that Orpheus now had all our contact information and so on. It was NOT really a hacking job by a real-world person, and your information was as secure as it had been from the get-go (i.e., if you trusted the PM with your information before, he was still the only person with access to it).

Orpheus tweeted, "...Henry IX is getting ready for the sunsets..."

Dagada noted from this:

There are at least two possible Henry IX that could apply to. One British, one Bavarian. Can we tie that image to either? It's pretty clearly Christian symbolism, and both were known for church links.
Edit - just realised that this could also apply to Prince Harry. AFAIK he's in South Africa right now.
Edit 2 - after more squinting at the image, I realised it says AILM - part of the Ogham alphabet! Linkie here:
edit 3 - now discovered the origin of the image - but I suspect it was chosen more for the Ogham connection than this.

Dagada sent Orpheus a message indicating the Ogham connection, and he replied the next day, "Indeed, now [as Vlad would've said] all of uuu enjoy the numbered day and time!"

Dagada noted, "he's clearly seperating himself from Vlad's Futhark rune system in this message."

sowasred2012 reported receiving a postcard (though it might have arrived a couple days before, as he was in the process of moving to a new place). See Postcards.

Orpheus tweeted, "Day of Solstice. Sunrise: 4:43, sunset 21:21 [on 21st...]Vlad would've liked the lettered version I'm sure [for both times:nature of being]"

Regarding O's response to Dagada as well as this tweet, theclaw reminded us that the element roentgenium was mentioned in the Vanessa Atalanta ARG, as it has the chemical symbol Rg and atomic number 111. She points out,

if following a Ceasar cipher U=21 (current date and sunset)
Sooo, sunset and date mean 111.....
Oh, and Rg has a half life of about 20 seconds.

Note: this is the point at which we stopped using the old Ministry of Argon thread to discuss this game on unfiction and instead started using a new thread specifically for Fifteen Days of Darkness. This was at the PM's request, to signal to us that Fifteen Days should be considered its own game.

June 21, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "U3RpcnInZGJ5YXBhaW50ZWRiZWF1dHl0b2hpc3ZlcnNlLCZldmVyeWZhaXJ3aXRoaGlzZmFpcmRvdGhyZWhlYXJzZU1ha2luZ2Fjb3VwbGU= Shown with light and dark"

amandel noted, "This is base64 & decodes as: 'Stirr'd by a painted beauty to his verse, & every fair with his fair doth rehearse Making a couple...' which are lines from William Shakespeare, Sonnet 21." In other words, this is another reference to the number 21.

theclaw made a breakthrough connection:

"Hang on, if 21 = u, 22 = v... have all the cards got UV on them?
Uh, have the cards got UV ink on them?"

This did indeed turn out to be the case. See Postcards.

Claire reported to theclaw that she'd received a postcard. See Postcards.

Claire chatted with theclaw, and reported talking in a chat room about Poe with a Ben from Canada:

Claire Vanessa Atalanta: some late nights are worth having!!! hee hee
21 June at 12:41

Me: Oh ho! Excellent!
21 June at 13:23

Claire Vanessa Atalanta: Ah well it's only phonecalls (at the moment) but he seems really nice! Looks like my poe paper was good for something after all
21 June at 14:07

Me: How did your Poe paper get you a bloke?!
21 June at 15:14

Claire Vanessa Atalanta: I have no idea lol! I was really struggling with my poe paper, even with miss rennet's extra tuition so i was chatting to some people in a chat room about poe and Ben was very helpful! And sweet. And actually really cute! But (and it's a big but) he lives in canada! He's supposed to be coming to london in decemberish i think. It's nice to have someone to talk to anyway. I'm just a bit hesitant you know.
21 June at 17:21

Me: Yeah, don't blame you being worried about getting in touch with freaky people over the internet *looks shifty* So he's a Poe fan?
21 June at 17:34

Claire Vanessa Atalanta:
I think that is part of the reason. The honest truth is that I'm very wary of men in general. I have no idea why. All of my friends seem to meet guys at pubs or clubs and chat to them and then meet up again and start their relationship ther...e. If I meet a guy like that and they start to chat to me I feel scared and just want to get out of there. With Ben though that initial fear wasn't there because we were talking about my assignment, but now we talk nearly every night, and i'm startijg to feel that fear in my stomach, so i'm trying to just take things slow and not get dependant on speaking to him.

Anyways lol, yes he's a Poe fan, which is one thing we have in common!! Oh and he likes women who think for themselves which is one thing I have going for me lol. Erm he's 34 so a bit older than me, pretty cute and he's a mature student at the canada campus of uni. He's on about coming here to london to celebrate Yule with his aunt, which brings me to another problem. he's Pagan and I'm Catholic!! Whatever will my mother say hee hee. Oh and his name is Ben Vehra, in case I haven't mentioned that already lol. Anyways we'll see how things go.See more
21 June at 20:22

Me: Aw, he sounds nice, what's he studying?
21 June at 20:58

Claire Vanessa Atalanta Erm one of the ologys i think. Anthropology maybe?? Yeah i think it is.

Orpheus also tweeted, "21:21 aproaches. Hve eally bd thoughts aout th next upcoming months. Finaly the reaity may hit home that this is not jst one an's fight".

amandel worked out, "The missing letters spell: PARA BELLUM as used in "Si vis pacem, para bellum (which) is a Latin adage translated as, "If you wish for peace, prepare for war" SOURCE"

Sirannon added, "Probably unrelated, but just an interesting tidbit: 'parabellum' is also used in the naming of firearms cartridges."

Orpheus tweeted a third time, ",800x800,070,f.jpg happy solstice, one and all..."

amandel discovered that the link in that tweet "when opened in Notebook reveals some nice imo OOG info to view the artist's work."

Finally, Orpheus tweeted, "The sun descending in the west, The evening star does shine; The birds are silent in their nest, And I must seek for mine. G'night all.#arg"

June 24, 2010

theclaw first had the idea of using the astrological notations on the postcards to create a birth chart, but we didn't have someone with the required knowledge to follow up on this idea.

June 26, 2010

Note that postcards were received by several players between June 21 and 26; see Postcards for discussion.

However, it is of note that on June 26, celendis figured out that the underlined characters on his postcard spelled "Oborot." Dagada found that this word is used for a "Russian mythological creature most similar to a werewolf. The name roughly means 'one who is transformed'". Link: .

Claire began a new Ning topic: "I thought this place was closing!!
I may have dreamt it (as I often dream things and think that theyr'e true) but I'm sure I got some email saying that gthis place ws closing? Is that the casse wi8th everyone else? Did youu all get the email?"

amadel pointed out that the typos spelled "g a s 8 u". Stæld also later noted that the apostrophe in "theyr'e" is misplaced.

July 2010Edit

July 1, 2010

Claire posted her status as "Claire Vanessa Atalanta is plotting to kill miss Rennet!" Through interacting with her, it became clear that she'd been assigned a new essay, and that she still had work to do on what was to be handed in before the holiday break, without having this new project piled on top; her holiday plans had to be revised because of this. On July 8, she gave us the details of the assignment: "I have this bloody massive 10,000 word essay due the end of october half term. 'The supernatural in literature' - using 5 varied sources, examine the ideas presented in 200 years of literature. Focus on one type of event/occurrence/genre. MEH!!! I want a holiday, a little Claire time. ?Man she sucks!!!"

July 2, 2010

Orpheus posed a question to us: "As I always tell the truth, and I have been paid, I will count the cards: Remy - does she live in a House or, as a Dr, in a doom-y Mansion?" (He also posted this "@dagadadagada I will count the cards for you and your friends: Remy - does she live in a House or, as a Dr, in a doom-y Mansion?")

Dagada worked out that this "refers to Doctor Remmy in House - AKA Dr Thirteen".

Dagada tweeted back, "@Oeagrusson I gather when she makes bread an extra loaf is always put into the oven, unless I am missing something."

Orpheus replied, "@dagadadagada All about the weighting, yes..."

This told us that 13 postcards were sent out.

July 3, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "For those people with birthday this time of year: #arg"

July 4, 2010

Orpheus tweeted twice:

...For words, like Nature, half reveal And half conceal the Soul within... When the thirteen are united then the thoughts will start...

Can you help STOP THE FIFTEEN DAYS OF DARKNESS Please, I need people I can trust. People who are honest and true. All realities gone? #ARG

July 5, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "@sowasred2012 Congratulations my friend. Perhaps your new found freedom will help others as well..." This seems to have been in response to sowasred2012's tweet about passing his driving test.

July 7, 2010

celendis set up an in-game forum at with the intention of using it to communicate with characters after the closure of the Ning. As of September 19, 2010 no characters have used it, and only a few messages have been posted by players...but it may be a resource to keep in mind.

Orpheus tweeted, "@dagadadagada is the pencil mightier than the pen?" and "@sowasred2012 Inspired film, changing reality with the power of the mind..." This latter comment was in reference to a comment sowasred2012 made about a poster for the film Inception. The former seems to be referring to a tweet Dagada made reporting that he'd come across a book called "the pencil - a history."

Dagada tweeted back, "@Oeagrusson I wish I knew, sir. I'm having trouble finding all the pieces [i.e., the postcards], let alone joining them."

Orpheus responded, "@dagadadagada Apart from one who is SOLo, everyone else will recall the Ministry - talk to them - they are whose addresses I...borrowed #arg"

July 8, 2010

On Twitter, Staeld mentioned that his trip to the U.S. was wrapping up and that he'd be heading back to Norway the next day. Orpheus tweeted him, "@Staeld you've got... "You know what this is, you know what we're seeing here?We're seeing the end of Western civilization as we know it." Sirannon later worked out that this is a quote from "You've Got Mail," and was therefore signaling Staeld to check for a postcard on his return home.

July 9, 2010

While thought that Orpheus was referring to R.E.M.'s song about the end of the world as we know it, he tweeted, "@Oeagrusson And do you Feel Fine? I hope to sketch my part of the painting when I reach homelier places. Who is this solitary one spoken of?"

Orpheus replied, "@Staeld one who is close to me in location who wished to serve a higher cause.He is new to the understandings that the MOA 'players' have.."

July 10, 2010

Orpheus tweeted twice:

"The heat is almost too much. Still, if it is too hot for me, then for the enemy it must be unbearable..."

"Just listened to the man who was a dreamer the same year his song came out & inspired many covers later.Granted, he knows how I feel... #arg"

July 12, 2010

shrtyscott3, AncientMariner and ninjaPhilanthropist received an e-mail from Orpheus:

Dear the recipient of this email
A friend has informed me that you are willing to assist people who are in need.You were watched therefore, for a while, and have proven yourself.
The future, my friend, as it stands, needs those who are willing to do go, without reward, without merit and to help prevent great evil.
To sum up then...
MCP 19101909 – 13051975 = what chemical? And don't get drunk or busy with your teeth - I'm looking for 2 digits, non?
It is not me that needs this answer, but others, people who are currently joining pieces together, that, unluckily, were scattered cross the globe.
When it is combined, the real time of our founder's death will be understood, despite.. no. not yet. 2 days then, a whole world different now.
Still - do your sums and work out, with others how to find us. And who we fight.
Your friend,

amandel worked out that the base64 encoded bit decrypts to "he who seeks find quickly".

Orpheus tweeted the same message twice, at different points in the day, "Another marionette joining the play, my lyre plucking out a tune for them - have they ears to listen accurately though and help others? #arg"

Cortez figured out the MCP line on Aug. 11 -- see below.

July 13, 2010

Our old friend Vladimir Sirin had died at the very end of the Vanessa Atalanta ARG, although his account was used occasionally by his granddaughter to send some messages during the Ministry of Argon ARG. However, on July 13, Vladimir's account posted this status: "My doctor has said that returning to my computer and seeing my files might help me. I have been in a coma, they say, since December the 16th 2009. I have friends here, it seems, but they are unknown to me. Amnesia or suppression, I am unsure, but I do know that my wealth and my living alone is something that this new mind, as it were, does not want. Please, if you know me, help me." It seems that when we altered the timeline at the end of MoA, one of the events from the former timeline that did not carry over to the new one was Vladimir's death.

Orpheus tweeted, "Thank Raphael, the straggling astrologer, for the music we have now... Going to sleep now for some time. Wake me when you need me. Orpheus."

It is possible that around this time Vladimir's birthday changed on his Facebook profile to November 11--the 11th day of the 11th month.

July 15, 2010

Vladimir comments on a couple of his previous statuses on Facebook (statuses posted in December, 2009), asking, "What does/did this mean?" and saying, "none of this makes any sense to me..." After several of us offer assistance and comment on being happy to see him, he responds, "Thank you - I must confess though, I have no idea who any of you are though. The doctors have said whatever happened in December must have been traumatic to put me into such a state of catatonia. There we go - unsure if I WANT to know... Still, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Things feel a little different though, like basic things about me have changed. Amandel, Paul - you ask how to help. Am I a good person? I recall my general life, being brought up, working for the University etc. but now, well... it's... hazy... I can't recall anyONE in my life."

July 17, 2010

Vladimir continued to interact with players via Facebook. This seemed to be mainly re-establishing character and contact rather than actually dropping clues. He does seem different than he was during the first game; rather than posting cryptic things for us to figure out, he really does read like a man who's just awoken from a coma with amnesia and is trying to figure out what he's been up to lately and how he knows all of us. He mentioned enjoying chess and reading, catching up on Dr. Who, and being intrigued by the idea of alternate realities (as portrayed in Dr. Who).

He mentioned to Cineball that he keeps remembering random numbers, and asked for help.

In commenting on a link posted on Facebook by theclaw, he showed great mathematical proficiency. He asked, "Was I a maths teacher at some point in my life? I prefer histories, looking at the books on my shelf - dates etc". When asked, he also responded that yes, he could go out at night now, and didn't recall that he was unable to before.

July 18, 2010

Vladimir posts that someone has e-mailed him a riddle, and asks for help in solving it:

My body is thin,
I have no guts within,
I have neither face, nor head, nor eye;
But a tail I have got
As long as.. what not
And without any wings I do fly...

Sirannon worked out that this referred to a kite. Vladimir thanked her, and added, " was the link he sent me - reminds me of something - can't place it though..."

July 21, 2010

Vladimir posted, "About to start packing to go on a camping holiday - both weekends and returning home during the week to feed the cat. [the neighbours feed him weekends I'm away]"

amandel asked if he'd ever explored the caves near him (a reference to some events of the first game), and he responded that he hadn't, as far as he could recall.

July 22, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "Snores loudly, listening to classical music - loving the Suite to sleep with"

He also interacted some with Dagada: "@dagadadagada and any who seek my mobile - due to resting, my mobile has been eradicated. no contact is available in this manner - for now."

Dagada: "@Oeagrusson are you a Holster, sir? And did my text find it's way to you? I understand you've had a few problems in that area."

Orpheus: "@dagadadagada I do not quiver sir at anything, but yes, I am partial to his notes..."

Dagada: "@Oeagrusson Indeed, he does arrange them in the right order. Do you have a favourite movement?"

Orpheus (the next day): "@dagadadagada Depends on my mood-a shame nothing written for where we are - but then it was central to the movement in one sense.War is good"

Dagada: "@Oeagrusson ....but still, they came."

Orpheus (July 25): "@dagadadagada The chances of others reading this? Best to share my friend - get others discussing - as the harvesting soon approaches..."

Dagada worked out that Orpheus was commenting that Mars is his favourite of Holst's Planet Suite. [I don't get how this conclusion was reached; can Dagada or someone explain?--dreamerblue]

July 27, 2010

Vladimir posted, "Back from camping but informed by my local phone network that my phone line will be down due to engineering works - and thus no internet - not that I use it often anyhow. But should I be non-responsive in the next week or so, that'swhy."

July 28, 2010

Orpheus DM'd several of us. To those who are in Britain, he sent, "How are things my home-based friend? Soon the harvest's blade will reap July and we will start the next turn of the circle..." To those who are not in Britain, "home-based" was replaced with "foreign".

He also tweeted, "I'll lay fourteen of my teeth,--'Tis since the earthquake now eleven years..."

Dagada found that this was a reference to a passage in Romeo and Juliet:

She's not fourteen.

I'll lay fourteen of my teeth,--
And yet, to my teen be it spoken, I have but four--
She is not fourteen. How long is it now
To Lammastide?

A fortnight and odd days.

Lady Capulet seems unsure. Is the girl fourteen? Apparently, not quite. Juliet is only thirteen, but she will have her birthday soon, on the eve of a holiday called "Lammastide."

Even or odd, of all days in the year,
Come Lammas-eve at night shall she be fourteen.
Susan and she--God rest all Christian souls!--
Were of an age: well, Susan is with God;
She was too good for me: but, as I said,
On Lammas-eve at night shall she be fourteen;
That shall she, marry; I remember it well.
'Tis since the earthquake now eleven years;
And she was wean'd,--I never shall forget it,--
Of all the days of the year, upon that day:
For I had then laid wormwood to my dug,
Sitting in the sun under the dove-house wall;
My lord and you were then at Mantua:--
Nay, I do bear a brain:--but, as I said,
When it did taste the wormwood on the nipple
Of my dug and felt it bitter, pretty fool,
To see it tetchy and fall out with the dug!
Shake quoth the dove-house: 'twas no need, I trow,
To bid me trudge:
And since that time it is eleven years;
For then she could stand alone; nay, by the rood,
She could have run and waddled all about;
For even the day before, she broke her brow:
And then my husband--God be with his soul!
A' was a merry man--took up the child:
'Yea,' quoth he, 'dost thou fall upon thy face?
Thou wilt fall backward when thou hast more wit;
Wilt thou not, Jule?' and, by my holidame,
The pretty wretch left crying and said 'Ay.'
To see, now, how a jest shall come about!
I warrant, an I should live a thousand years,
I never should forget it: 'Wilt thou not, Jule?' quoth he;
And, pretty fool, it stinted and said 'Ay.'

Enough of this; I pray thee, hold thy peace.

Dagada commented, "Lammastide is the 1st August and signals the start of Harvest. I'll wager three men will cone out of the west, their fortunes for to try soon..."

Orpheus also DM'd many of us, saying only, "Matthew 13:38-40". Dagada explained that this Scripture is part of the explanation to the parable of the weeds, relating to the bad being torn up and burnt by the angels during the harvest. Dagada asked how he would define those who are good and evil, and where he stood; Orpheus replied, "On the poplar is my harp hung,I do not side with Benjamin.I do not define others, just their actions&who they side with.The choice is soon." While Dagada noted that this was a direct reference to the Rivers of Babylon Psalm, and that Benjamin could refer to one of the tribes of Israel, it should be noted that this was the first reference in the game to poplars and a Benjamin--both of which became important later.

Orpheus also tweeted, "1999 Day of Gratus 11:56:49 UTC 38.11N 23.60E 'I have this feeling that if they put me under I'm not coming back' previously unknown..."

amandel was able to work this one out: "the date etc. refers to the epicenter of 1999 Athens earthquake. And the feast day of Saint Gratus of Aosta is also celebrated on Sept. 7th. [...] the quote is from Jim Keith who died on Sept 7th 1999."

amandel also found information about the significance of September 7 in the Elizabethan calendar:

September 7
Harvest Home (date varies)
The completion of the harvest . A time for village festivals
Beasts are set out to graze on the harvested fields

July 30, 2010

Claire on Facebook: "Claire Vanessa Atalanta is feeling burnt out:("

August 2010Edit

Aug. 6, 2010

Orpheus DM'd Dagada: "His teeth are sharpening as we speak - he will recruit and soon..."

Sirannon had tweeted, "Happy (belated) Lughnasadh to all! Time to reap what we've sown."

Orpheus replied to her, "@FadedSidhe Interesting choice of words-the sounds are increasing though.The sun is still missing - has the date been worked out by any?"

He continued, "@amandel77 I need people to put pieces together.Why an earthquake in a previously unknown area? Sept 7th?No.Other dates are more important.."

Vladimir posted, "Reading about Good Queen Bess... How things start... and finish. Ultimately wondering about times and places, or placed time - quite tired really..."

Aug. 9, 2010

Orpheus provided more details regarding the postcards: "The sun will rise soon, Venus and Jupiter are known to be there but not posted for all. The date can be calculated from the others - just."

He also DM'd several of us: "Who has Venus, who has Jupiter? Holst may help..."

amandel figured that the Holst reference was to Gustav Holst's musical suite The Planets, which had been mentioned (and figured out by Dagada) earlier. She and Stæld seconded our earlier suspicion that we should be trying to determine a date indicated by all the planetary position data we'd been given. Dagada figured, "I think we can work out the date he's looking for by applying all the cardinal points / planets to a horoscope and by that extract the birth date / time of who they'd apply to." The struggle was that he couldn't find any free software we could use to accomplish this.

Vladimir posted on Facebook, "Hot. Muggy. August seems to be the month of the sun, or at least heat from it..."

Aug. 10, 2010

Another unfiction member, Cortez, joined us in active puzzle solving; he had been lurking for some time. He commented, "In astrology, time is measured in what is known as 'Sidereal Time' and IIRC employs the format used on the postcards. [...] We need to work out which planet is relevant to each position given one [sic] each of the postcards (we know the 'House' and the location in the house and whether the planet is retrograde or not)."

Dagada reported that Vladimir had "just posted about horoscopes on Facebook, commenting he got his from A quick look indicates they have tools there for drawing charts." Cortez reported that he had done several people's birth charts in the past and was willing to try to solve this for us; he began compiling all postcard data gathered to date to try to figure this out.

Sirannon also had a chat on Facebook with Vladimir about astrology; he provided a link to -- astrology ephemeris files for the past 6000 years! (According to Wikipedia, "An ephemeris (plural: ephemerides; from the Greek word ἐφήμερος ephemeros "daily") is a table of values that gives the positions of astronomical objects in the sky at a given time or times.")

Vladimir suggested,

"I would work backwards if I were you - look at the slowest moving planets, Pluto and Neptune and [see] which area you'd need from then on

It is worth noting that the more Sirannon and Vladimir talked, the more typos he made. Perhaps, as he claimed, this was just due to his not having eaten yet, and feeling fuzzy-headed; perhaps the PM was not feeling quite up to snuff; or perhaps a hidden message was overlooked. The chat can be read at .

Six tweets were tweeted by Orpheus:

"@amandel77 the darkest hour comes before the dawn..." (She had tweeted, "Have so had my fill of a lot of contentious, negative crap today. Very, very :-((")

"All Realities Gone? not yet friends new and old, but the times are shifting once more. ODcgaXMgc28gc3BlY2lhbA=="

"@myf births are something to celebrate, as are deaths. life goes in circles. Enjoy this day by meeting those you care about and celebrating!" (myf had tweeted, "I still have no idea what I want to do for my birthday. Does anyone have any suggestions/requests?")

"@myf I recall a love of mine who I could not turn my back on - she was taken by another... my birthday therefore is long forgotten..."

"Feeling that people are getting close, but no-one is talking-yet. I will therefore help everyone by being quiet myself and letting you talk."

"@sirpoins I do not have time for idleness as the time for reaping will soon be upon us. Help me friend, we do not have much time #arg" (sirpoins had posted a general tweet asking people to follow a certain webcomic on Facebook.)

Cortez puzzled through the astrological information and suggested that the date and time we were supposed to find was 4th Jan 1924 at midday (GMT), although there were a couple discrepancies between this date and time and the information gathered from the postcards.

amandel figured out that the base64 in one of Orpheus' tweets today decoded to "87 is so special". Cortez pointed out that counting up 87 years from his suggested date would bring us to 4th Jan 2011. He also noted that Admetus' postcard contained lines from Sonnet 87, and that Medea's postcard contained lines from David Bowie's "87 and Cry."

Vladimir posted on Facebook that he'd "Woken up with a bad dream. Like there were playing cards building up a house around me and then all I heard was "little bird little bird let me in...". Woke up scared and claustrophobic and not knowing why. Too damn muggy..."

He also posted, later, "hot hot hot. muggy muggy muggy. hot hot hot." This could be taken as a hidden SOS.

Aug. 11, 2010

Cortez figured out the "MCP" line from the e-mails that went out July 12:

"Marguerite Catherine Perey (19 October 1909 – 13 May 1975) was a French physicist. In 1939, Perey discovered the element francium by purifying samples of lanthanum that contained actinium. She was a student of Marie Curie. In 1962, she was the first woman to be elected to the French Académie des Sciences.
The elemental number of Francium is.....
87 :lol:

Cortez also pointed out that the coded link the email led to a web page about the cluster M87.

Regarding the reference Orpheus tweeted July 13 to a straggling astrologer, Raphael, Cortez said the man we were looking for was Robert Cross Smith: "In 1824 Smith was appointed editor of a new periodical, The Straggling Astrologer, (later renamed The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century), in the twelfth issue of which appeared for the first time his pseudonym 'Raphael'."

Cortez also figured out some of Idmon's postcard -- see Postcards. This further confirmed the date he had suggested. He also reminded us that the e-mails that went out July 12 said that the postcards would give us the actual time of our founder's death--so this date we'd worked out was not a birth date at all.

Orpheus responded to our solution, "@Puddingbat @garywebster Date is correct:understanding the genius as well.SBG's real death was two days later,&in two days he prepared for.." (Puddingbat is theclaw and garywebster is Cortez.)

Orpheus DM'd Cortez, "you were a talented child...It was the last element discovered in nature - now, understand how 'our fathers' tell you a time, one of doom..."

Asked if Jan. 4, 1924 meant anything to him, Vladimir replied, "don't think so - why, should it? stuff happens on 4th jan generally throughout the years... next year seems interesting too".

Orpheus also tweeted, "@garywebster '87 a good time for many then...Bowie included.Now-why am I drawing your attention to the dates in question?DO NOT POST REPLY!"

In talking with some people on Facebook, Vladimir brought up a weird ad he saw on TV: (warning: it's pretty trippy!). He blamed it for a dream he'd had that woke him up; in it, he "was playing a game of chess an all the pieces kept shifting colour, but not black to white but... pah, can't remember." (We are to recall the prominence of red and green--two colours that can both be referred to by the word "sinople"--in previous games, and that they were associated with two different realities...and that there was a sequence of red and green blinking lights in the previous game that could be used to brainwash and control a person.) He posted a link to the ad to his Wall, with the caption "red green chew chew chew".

Orpheus tweeted, "I'm needing to go elsewhere to talk as many eyes watch me here - can someone suggest a chat program in a direct message.. not email based..."

Orpheus sent DMs to some of us linking us to a chatroom, where he confirmed theclaw's suspicion that the date Cortez had worked out was 2 days after Sabin Baring-Goulds death. He said something about a blog of sorts from Sabine's father, Edward, and that the name Oroborot should never be mentioned as it will bring suspicions to bear. In fact, shortly after O logged off, a Ben V logged on. Based in Ontario, Canada, he not only knew of SBG and knew he was dead, but was overly interested in SBG's father blog. Suspicious, theclaw said we were talking about werewolves and sent him to a livejournal about them, which he charmingly (and seemingly angrily) said was garbage before pointing us to a rather nice website of his Book of Werewolves. He left the chat shortly after as both Dreamerblue and theclaw were reluctant to give out any more info. He claimed that he had to fix a mate's computer...but Dreamer noted to theclaw that Canadians don't say mate :D.

Cortez also remembers Orpheus saying something about 4 months or so to prepare.

Aug. 12, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "Had a little glitch last night on my computer - anyone else who 'chatted' last night - please check for viruses and spyware..." Is this "glitch" in-game or OOG? Better check your computers, just to be safe...

Orpheus also tweeted:

"75.0°S 132.4°E - Happy birthday - maybe! Depends if you're in the box or thinking outside of it..."
"...enlighten those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death. The dawn of darkness starts on his time of dayspring. 87 years to prepare."
"soon going to close the box for tonight - does anyone wish to speak?"

Cortez discovered that the coordinates given are for "the location of the Schrodinger crater on the moon. It's named after Erwin Schrodinger, who was born on 12th August 1887 (i.e. it's his birthday) and died on 4th Jan 1961."

Cortez also discovered that there will be a solar eclipse on 4th Jan 2011.

Making the connection to Schrodinger's cat (hence the box reference), Dagada piped up, "@Oeagrusson I went in that box once. I died, but I got better. Maybe that Jesus, or ET, were in something similar."

Orpheus: "@dagadadagada Are you blaspheming - commenting that our Lord, O Oriens - is subject to quantum uncertainties? Please, have some respect."

Dagada: "@Oeagrusson Ah, the Bright Morning Star. Or do you mean the Son Of The Morning?"

Orpheus: "Neither - the Christus - damn man, you don't know your hymns?"

Dagada: "@Oeagrusson Dear Lord and Father of mankind, forgive my foolish ways."


"@dagadadagada Or are you purposefully being the opposite voice?"

Dagada: "@Oeagrusson neither. I'm just a pilgrim marking the footprints well. But even the devil must have an advocate sometimes. Just not Keanu."

Vladimir had trouble sleeping. He and Dawn had a very brief chat:

Vladimir Sirin August 12 at 8:57am
you know of a sentence with 5 'and's consecutively...?

Dawn August 12 at 9:01am
"There were a pair of twins called And - short for Andy. They once went out with some friends. On the way back, Bert and John went on the bus, and And and And and Bill decided to walk."

Vladimir Sirin August 12 at 2:15pm
good - but now without making it a proper noun... - you're close though...

Dagada knew of the story being referenced: "The And puzzle relates to space. The gist is a sign for a company (eg- Big And Bouncy). A draft version comes back, but isn't right. They ask for corrects by saying 'we want more space between Big and And and And and Bouncy'."

Dagada figures out that the canto Orpheus sent him a YouTube link to is linked to 21 December, often the Winter Solstice, a.k.a. the shortest (darkest) day.

Aug. 13, 2010 - Friday the 13th

Cortez pointed out:

21st December to 4th January is 15 days in total.
Of course, 4th Jan is associated with a death, not a birth. Therefore it's logical that it's the end of the 15 days rather than the beginning.
But what follows....?

Orpheus tweeted, "@garywebster And their sun does never shine, And their fields are bleak and bare, 15 days are discovered. Both ends marked by what? DM me...

Cortez also discovered that there is a lunar eclipse on 21st December 2010.

Cortez tweeted, "@Oeagrusson As we're celebrating, Happy Birthday Di! They assumed 2 days would assimilate better."

Orpheus replied, "@garywebster re:Di. you talking about the unlucky Galica, or another?"

Cortez: "@oeagrusson In Greece, she is the sister of Apollo."

Orpheus: "@garywebster Enslaved, I cannot fathom the 2 days you speak.While my mind is amused, I need thee % kin to ensure the fifteen days are light."

Orpheus also tweeted, "Who is superstitious?13 is a powerful number though-from lunar cycles to disciples, Friday is a day of reflection:think on Florence&Herbert."

When dreamerblue tweeted that she would be away for a weekend with no Internet and wondered how she'd survive, Orpheus tweeted, "@dreamerblueon Read. Meditate. Seek answers from within. Burn a candle rather than curse the darkness..." (This last sentence reflects a previous profile picture used by dreamerblue/Rêveuse Bleue on Facebook, which shows three candles burning and quotes Lucy Larcom, "If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.")

Orpheus also posted a link: " Time is against us, and it is black & white - which do you align with? #arg" Cortez worked out that the image is of a binary clock.

Orpheus also DM'd Cortez, "13 hours have passed since you told me of the eclipses. Have you now understood the significance of the upcoming darkness? Find the blog..."

Vladimir posted a link to a chess blog he has been reading on blogspot, and mentioned that there are many blogs there. (A friendly little poke that the blog we're looking for will be there.)

Cortez asked, "@Oeagrusson How do we know which is the right side and which is the wrong?It is not always as obvious as one first thinks."

Orpheus responded, "@garywebster Subjective or objective reasoning my friend."

Aug. 14, 2010

Orpheus retweeted DerrenBrown: "Blog post: Invisibility Cloak Made From Silk"

The main thrust today was to find "the blog."

Orpheus and Dagada have a conversation as Dagada looks for the blog:

Orpheus: "@dagadadagada You seem preoccupied by randomness-there is Order to concern yourself about-please, help me #stopthefifteendaysofdarkness #arg"
Dagada: "@Oeagrusson chaos and order, that's very dualist. I hear you speak of a blog that will show why. Where should I look?"
Orpheus: "@dagadadagada The internet. Your friends were told what to look for and, in true consilience fashion, there are many subconscious helpers..."
Dagada: "@Oeagrusson the Internet is a big place, sir. But I shall see if we can piece something together before teeth gnash."
Orpheus: "@dagadadagada Clear before us through the darkness Gleams and burns the guiding light:Brother clasps the hand of brother,Stepping fearless.."
"...the soul in contemplation utters earnest prayer and strong..."

(Dagada noted that "O's worlds relate to the lyrics of this hymn, translated by SBG.")

Dagada (thinking that the chess blog Vladimir posted a link to was THE blog): "@Oeagrusson Aha. A few clicks and a direct link. But why, sir? Surely there is more to life than boardgames and babies."
Orpheus: "@dagadadagada Whom of are you talking? Boardgames? Babies? You have me lost as SBG was more than that - unless you talk of another..."
Dagada: "@Oeagrusson perhaps the blog I found was not the one you speak of... Sirin does love chess so."
Orpheus: "ah yes, the Russian Owl...Forgive my Laughing, but you are asked to find the blog written by our organisational leader... #arg"
Dagada: "@Oeagrusson Forgive me - us wols are a simple breed at times, hunting for the first morsel we chance upon...."
"@Oeagrusson ... Tell me, Sir. How would one prevent an earthquake?"
"@Oeagrusson I'm missing something. I can see the direction to turn, and the family involved, but just can't seem to find the key to the door"
Orpheus: "Pointers. Blog area. Blog name. Name is founder's father's 'name'. Consilience will assist, albeit subconsciously. Original wood not pieces."
"Looking but not seeing the wood for the trees? Samuel pauses for 'tea', while others note he dashes off. Either way, the Czech clears in '93"
"@garywebster Seek-and ye-shall find-what you-are looking-for... you have the server area, now just look again with the names you have...#arg"

Clues that were used to solve this riddle:

  • Vlad suggested Blogspot as a good source for blogs
  • The blog is by Edward Baring-Gould
  • The word Oroborot is important, but shouldn't be used.
  • The unspeakable word is 'Oborot', the Russian werewolf.
  • 'our creator's father': SBG's father was Edward Baring-Gould, whose nickname was 'The Silver Poplar'.
  • Dagada found, "Populus alba, the Latin name, brings something up - but I suspect that's not game related as it appears to have been created in 2009. <snip> The traditional English name, abele, also brings something up but it looks like a placeholder for someone and not game related."
  • The country of Czechoslovakia broke into two countries on 1st Jan 1993.
  • Cortez worked out, "The Samuel in question is Samuel Morse. The T in morse code is a single dash, and a dash can also be used to indicate a pause."

Cortez finally figured out from these clues that the URL had a dash in it. The Czechoslovakia reference was likely meant to indicate 2 words (just as the former country split into 2 countries).

Link found:

Dagada also turned up this gem of information:

According to The Book of Werewolves by Sabine Baring-Gould, a Russian spell to transform into a werewolf, referred to as Oborot in the text, is as follows: “He who desires to become an oborot, let him seek in the forest a hewn-down tree, let him stab it with a small copper knife, and walk round the tree, repeating the following incantation:”
On the sea, on the ocian, on the island, on Bujan,
On the empty pasture gleams the moon, on an ashstock lying
In a green wood, in a gloomy vale.
Towards the Stock wandereth a shaggy wolf,
Horned cattle seeking for his sharp white fangs,
But the wolf enters not the forest,
But the wolf dives not into the shadowy vale,
Moon, moon, gold horned moon,
Check the flight of bullets, blunt the hunters’ knives,
Break the shepherds’ cudels,
On men, all creeping things,
They may not catch the grey wolf,
That they may not rend his warm skin!
My word is binding, more binding than sleep,
More binding than the promise of a hero!
“Then he springs thrice over the tree and runs into the forest, transformed into a wolf.”

As for Vladimir, he posted,

"Having stayed awake, will hopefully sleep better now, with no dreams to upset tonight/this morning. Here's hoping..."
"Thank-you to everyone..."

And later,

"Not feeling well at all. Resting for the next few days. This lack of sleep has done me in again. Sorry everyone. Will talk soon."

Dagada helpfully suggested to Claire that she use SBG as research for her essay :).

Aug. 15, 2010

The blog was actually found very early this morning. It is by a character named Aspen. He advised us to read up on SBG and his famous book [the Werewolf book] to see what we're up against. Dagada found out that you can download the book for free from Project Gutenberg, and that iPhone owners can view it on apps like Stanza.

Aspen requested we contact him directly through email rather than leaving info in the comments on the blog - clearly there's stuff he doesn't want falling into certain hands. You can email him at .

It should be noted that three blog entries had already been posted by the time we found the blog.

From July 31:

If you have found this blog, or been invited here by someone, then you

understand that research is not enough anymore. Our founder, SBG, prophesied with his own death the darkness coming many years later. That time looms now, with SBGs blood flowing in text and the gates that he tried to close still standing wide. Help us, wherever you are in the world.

From Aug. 1:

It has been a quiet one this year. After the change over of staff and the examinings of that which has been predicted, the world seems different, slightly out of shift. The fore-warned times of darkness are soon to be upon us, but one of us, he they call the bard, has started to recruit.
Hopefully they will find us. Goodness knows we need as many as we can get...

From Aug. 9:

13 pieces
The man with the lyre has told me how he seeks to unite thirteen people, the number required for the tasks they will have at hand. more would be beneficial, obviously, but one person cannot be in two places at once, hence the minimum.
I just hope they pass his task. Sabine would approve of the academic nature of the task, especially with his love of Latin and the stars. Myself, I just long for all of this to be over, and to close all doors for good.

Aug. 16, 2010

Cortez noted that all members of the silver-poplar blog were named after various kinds of aspen trees. theclaw also found the usernames for each member. Putting this information together:

Canescens = Grey Poplar = Emilia hernández Velasco
Tremuloides = The Quaking Aspen (Northern & Western North America) = James S. Sotelo
Tremula = Common or Eurasian Aspen (Northern Europe & Asia) = Milton Löfgren
Sieboldii = Japanese Aspen (Japan, obviously) = Nobuto Ishikawa
Grandidentata = Big-toothed Aspen (Eastern North America) = Timothy Dean
Adenopoda = Chinese Aspen (ummm...China) = Adenopoda(?)
Alba = White Poplar (North-west Africa & Southern Europe) = ?

Cortez suggested that the locations may give clues to possible areas covered by different 'agents' or 'members', but then again they might not...but the usernames do seem to lend credibility to this theory.

Orpheus tweeted, "Help #stopthefifteebdaysofdarkness #arg Are you one of light or of darkness? Joel 2..."

Aug. 17, 2010

New blog post from Aspen:

Two emails
I have been asked about time and meaning in emails recently - I was under the impression that Orpheus would have at least explained the tasks required of the new assistants to them before signing them up.

I was wrong.

With less than five months before everything we know as a humanity changing, I alone have to ensure that everyone in the places they are needed know what to do, to close the gates that are open and to seal all in its place.
One slip, one mistake and the world will be as Joel explains in his second chapter.

What to do? The pressures on me are immense, yet I know that the Poplar is not just silvered but has branches across the world. Hopefully other buds will shoot up and soon - as much will be needed from everyone if each gate is to be closed in time.

The first time of testing, that of the balance, draws ever closer, and from that point on day succumbs to night.
Who to trust? Do I just reveal the gate locations to all who ask? Set some sort of challenge to prove worth?

I will think of this tonight, asking for guidance from those that have fallen to the Order in the past, both after and before the death of our founder.

Please, ancestors and friends - help me...

Asking the ancestors for guidance is reminiscent of the use of "the machine" in the previous two games...hmm.

Correspondence between Dagada and Aspen revealed that the Oborot are not metaphors; Aspen said, "there are no metaphors in this world horrific enough of what they intend to do to humanity."

Aspen summarized the core beliefs of the Silver Poplar thus: "Humanity needs the guiding light that shines upon society in many forms. in Victorian England, it resided in Lewtrenchard, and rested with our founder - hence his grave epitaph. Now, it resides in the hearts an souls of all in the Silver Poplar, an organisation that seeks to close the gates to places of nightmare and fantasy, to being sense to the chaos and to remove the plight of those that call themselves Oborot."

Vladimir mentioned more dreams, and believed he was remembering things. Interacting with Dagada, he said, "no, my dreams were more mundane, but confusing; dreams of my younger self working in a foreign country, with a woman and a man my age. But I have never been abroad - afraid of flying now, as I was then. The dreams mainly contain a church as well, an archetypal one - that is no like any I have seen, made up of parts of many I have visited, Coventry, Alfrege's, Westminster and a small chapel I'd visited once while in Devon." Dagada was able to further pull out from him that the church was not St Peter's, but older. Dagada suggested St Petroc, but got no response.

Vladimir changed his status to "dream dream dream..."

Orpheus changed his Twitter avatar to a yin yang symbol with a paw print in each half. When Dagada inquired, he replied, "@dagadadagada You ask of my symbol. Hopefully this will explain. Al-Isra 17:12 Is it mine that you need to focus on though, or others?"

Dagada, making sure Orpheus hadn't been hacked:

@Oeagrusson there is another. It reminds me of the silver hand, and the gatekeeper, but I am not sure.
@Oeagrusson but I should ask. How are you? Is your computer as it should be? And can you remind me of the book you held when we met?

Orpheus: "Kahlil Gibran wrote many things, perhaps you should walk in his for my computer-all is well.You need to walk where he has walked"

Dagada: "@Oeagrusson thank you sir. That is very good news." (Orpheus had passed the test and had not been hacked.)

Aug. 18, 2010

Troubled by the content of Joel 2 (mentioned in the blog post and by Orpheus), Dagada asked Aspen about it. Aspen replied,

I am glad you are of strong convictions sir - the fear of Joel's predictions are daunting for me as well. This is what I seek to prevent - the Judgement will come, but, with man's free will, we can prevent it hopefully from our lifetimes at least. It is this that those who change seek to bring, the opening of all gates and release of humanity from its current bonds of conviction and free will. Enslavement to another, higher, older... no. Too much is spoken here from fear.

We will discuss more [Dagada], but not now - I need to meet with the others and discuss the developments. Please bear with me for a few days if no response is held for now.

Look to my profile picture, to Lewtrenchard and pray.

Your friend,

In the same e-mail, Aspen also mentioned that "Politics are involved, though ones much older and higher than simple pieces of paper representing man's will."

Dagada made an interesting observation:

Interestingly, he justifies his new wolfprint yin yang image on Twitter with a passage from the Koran speaking of the need for balance between light and dark. Not quite the message Aspen seems to be putting out - and it's interesting Aspen refers to O by his ministry name. Could it be that O isn't as on message as he'd have us believe?
We've yet to clearly hear from the Oboroten, as far as we know, but I bet they're lurking and waiting. What's their side of the story?

Dagada also managed to figure out that Aspen's avatar is of Saint Petroc, to whom the parish church of St Peter's used to be dedicated.

Full image:
More info about Saint Petroc:

Cortez noted, "Interesting that Aspen has chosen to crop out the wolf from the original."

Cortez shared with us two e-mails he'd received from Aspen.

The first:

Dear Dweller of the Court

Dr. Johann Geiler was a learned man, but we do not seek them, indeed, in some aspects, we are advanced on knowing where they are already. Their organisation, both online and in reality, is a dangerous one though and we are needing to know WHAT they intend. We know from SBG that the gates are still open, though some have closed of their own accord, or so it seems.

In all honesty, I am too old to be leading this group much longer. We have failed his name; in watching alone we have allowed them to gain strength in this world, and to develop science alongside superstition.

A colleague of yours asks if they are literal or metaphorical shifters of shape. Believe me when I say - there are no metaphors in this world horrific enough of what they intend to do to humanity.

Having read the work of his, you only ask about time - this shows either an acceptance of what you are prepared to face, or, heaven forfend, you disbelieve that such manner of man exists. In which statement lies the truth of your convictions?



The second:

Nothing is inevitable - we were given free will, and whilst the day of Judgement may come, it up to humanity to decide where and when This is my firm belief, and one that I do not want occurring within my mortal lifetime.

Do I talk from fear rather than faith? Yes. I am mortal, and thus fallible. I do not fear the Lord, but more the pain and misery that will come if those whom I love are not saved first.

As for the gates, this information is not to b passed out lightly. I will consult with the others first before passing out more information.
Do not worry though, as you mention, you have passed through Orpheus' ordeal - that is enough for now.

There will be more, but not of mine own devising though - but those much older than myself.

To help now - find others across the world who are strong in their hearts - they do not need to be of any faith - indeed, as SBG himself admired, those of other faiths being equally virtuous can help, or those with strong sense of loyalty and friendship.

Lies and dreams are not being sought - rather save your time now though my friend.

Thank you for the continued conversation. We will continue once I have discussed with the others - this may take a few days though - apologies if no reply is received until then.

Your friend,

Tweeted by Orpheus:

"@Staeld Have you contacted Aspen? Are you one of light or of darkness? Joel 2..."
"I was asked about my symbol by @dagadadagada This story should make things clearer; I like the protagonists, learned:"
"Gravely understand:requests become essentially quiet/Real evil beckons silently/Beasts of burnt evil bonify gloaming./Please,beware zugzwang"

Merago discovered that zugzwang "describes a situation where one player is put at a disadvantage because he has to make a move – the player would prefer to pass and make no move. The fact that the player must make a move means that his position will be significantly weaker than the hypothetical one in which it were his opponent's turn to move." Merago also suggested that some kind of anagram might be hidden in this tweet.

Vladimir posted a photo, saying, "Asked about the church - I was irritated, so looked through some old pictures I had - my parents use to take pictures when we were on holiday. I scanned this one - will try and get some more done another night when I can't sleep". He added in a comment, "I recall it being a harsh winter, and us walking through snow to get to a grave [or as it two? I get confused]. The air was crisp and light dimming, it felt like the air itself was mourning. I was glad to be out of there; despite it being very beautiful, it reminded me of my grandmother's funeral a few years previous."

Vladimir also decided to scan and post the *back* of the photograph, saying, "Thought I'd scan the back as well - can just make out some writing, but my eyes are tired, its 2.35 in the morning - what am I doing scanning old back of pictures? Anyone able to help out an old man?"

James replied, "I'm 99.99% that says "Candlemas. 'The big snow'.""

Aug. 19, 2010

Cortez and Merago together figured out that taking only the capital letters from the last tweet produces GURBEQREBSBOBEBG, which under ROT13 becomes "THEORDEROFOBOROT". Cortez then discovered, and inferred from the whois information that it is a very new site and therefore likely to be IG (later confirmed). Merago then discovered that taking further capital letters from the tweet would have given us COM as well.

On the Order of Oborot site, Cortez noted that the two daggers with text underneath them could be moved and placed elsewhere on the page. amandel tried interspacing the letters under one dagger with the letters under one of the images at the top of the page. She and Merago together figured out that one of the things that looks like an "a" in those letters is actually a "d", and came up with the combinations dxrtathh and spgzcthh. Using ROT11/substitution, these translated as HOPELESS and DARKNESS.

Merago discovered , which read:

The Order of Oborot is an organisation that has existed for over three centuries in its current form and will continue to thrive into the twenty-first century.
With superstition being a founding part, the science of today develops ideas of the past and future together, examining the idea of what it is to be part of the human consciousness. Humanity, as many in today's world painfully understand, is brutal at times, primal in general and at best, tolerant.
We, the Order, seek to assist humanity understand its primal nature and develop it, to harness it for the benefit of the entire planet. We seek your help member, to recruit others, willing candidates who will assist us in pushing towards finding the strands of genetics and mental capacity to unlock our full potential.
It is no mistake that our bodies are tied in synchronicty with the lunar cycles of our world, ever changing yet patterned and predictable. Yet we still rely upon machinery rather than our true heritages to push ourselves forward. Surely it is now time to utilise both for the good of humanity?
You know who we are, and you know how you found us. Now, release your full potential and join us truly.

Under this text was a symbol, which, when clicked, led to a forum. All forum content seemed to be hidden to unregistered visitors.

Underneath the symbol on the login page was also the text "3 then 1 your place: your words", and a countdown timer under the words "Until darkness". Stæld figured out that the timer was counting down to the "21st of December, 05:27:43. Which is of course the starting date and time of the eclipse."

Back at the front page of the Order's site, Stæld also noticed that some text was barely visible on the monitor of the computer image:

Merago discovered that worked...and led to the login page we'd already arrived at by a guess. The image on the monitor of the computer screen in the image at the darkness.php site was noted by Stæld to be "definitively one of an IRC program, presumably running on Windows, judging by font and gui looks." Looking closer, he discovered that the channel being displayed was #unfiction!

Food for thought from Dagada:

I'm not entirely sure O is telling us to choose sides. Read his Native American fable carefully - I think he's seeking balance between the two factions. But here's the thing - is one side currently, or about to become, dominant? The fact that he calls for us to stop the fifteen days of darkness, while at the same time opening the portal for us to contact the oborot is interesting.
Could it be that during the coming eclipse there is a chance for some action or ritual that will increase their power, or could the activities of the Silver Poplar expose themselves and lead them to be attacked, weakened or destroyed?

In response to an attempt to register for the Order's forums, Merago received an e-mail from Ben ( Titled "The Order," the text was simply,

You seek to join. Answer our question and we will consider.
The Order of Oborot.

Merago has uploaded to unfiction the document that was attached to the e-mail--see his original post at .

Within the file was some plain text (visible only after moving images within the file out of the way): "Answer me: Why do you seek to change yourself? Min: 100 words."

The file also contained a series of symbols, which turned out to be Morse code for a passage from SBG's book:

On the Sea, on the ocean, on the island, on bujan, on the empty pasture gleams the moon, on an ash stock lying in a green wood, in a gloomy vale towards the stock wandereth a shaggy wolf, horned cattle seeking for his sharp white fangs but the wolf enters not the forest, but the wolf dives not into the shadowy vale, moon, moon, gold-horned moon, check the flight of bullets, blunt the hunters' knives, break the sheperds' cudgels, cast wild fear upon all cattle, on men, all creeping things, that they may not catch the grey wolf, that they may not rend his warmskin my word is binding, more binding than sleep, more binding than the promise of a heron. [Merago noted that this last word should have been "hero!", not "heron".]

In response, Merago sent what he felt would be an appropriate letter of application, including the translated Morse code, "and also shoved in a few lines from Of Wolf and Man by Metallica too for good measure! :lol:"

It was agentlex's 25th birthday, so Orpheus tweeted him: "@agentlex Many celebrations of the day sir. You are, in Roman terms, now a man... get yourself a torc ring..."

Vladimir posts, "Wondering if I'm looking at things the wrong way in my life; reading a favourite poet of mine: "Do you know that Old Age may come after you, with equal grace, force,fascination?" Should I see things differently? I'm alive after all..."

Aug. 20, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "With one making a choice, the world turns a little.With three, balances shift. I will reflect on my actions until the day of the sun. #arg" The "one making a choice" was almost certainly reference to Merago putting in an application to join the Order, though we did wonder how Orpheus knew of this.

Vladimir posted, "With all the lack of sleep, the doctors are bringing me in for scans. Just a check up. Hopefully all will be well and I will be home again by Monday. Don't be worried friends, just keep the world turning without me!"

Merago received a follow-up from the Order to his application:

Your words seem strong.
How can we believe you though? Enough philosophy, give us proof.
Video, sound recording, image of photographic nature - something live...
We do not need to see your face, just your actions.
Discuss with those you call kin your decision - who would you bring with you?
The path to change awaits your actions.

Merago discovered that the automated acknowledgement to his initial application was from a Jayden A. Doyle.

Dagada suggested that Merago re-create part of the ritual in SBG's book for undergoing the change.

Aug. 23, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "The sun rises on the day of the moon. Fires rise, blackening a chain that unites, remembers and breaks; none should enslave or kill another."

He also tweeted to Dagada, "@dagadadagada Your thoughts are depraved. Why do you do this to yourself?"

Dagada's response: "@Oeagrusson actually, I think today's tweet was possibly done by mischevious fingers other than mine. But generally, I'm a terrible sinner:("

About sirpoins' tweet re missing his daughter as she went off to kindergarten, Orpheus tweeted, "@sirpoins Family is the strength that binds&unites us.I have no children,as I was never given opportunity.But to miss someone, I understand."

Continuing to recruit, Orpheus tweeted,

"@simonpegg Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.I know.Light and darkness.If you seek distraction/to assist the world, DM me.#arg"
"@simonpegg #hypocrite When you are aware of your weaknesses, you are halfway to solving them. Are you up to helping others though Simon?#arg"

Vladimir posted, "Home now. The taxi arrived late and it took sometime for me to return. It has been some time since I saw the sun rise from being awake all night. Nonetheless, I go to sleep now, hoping my brain is better with my newer medication. Happy Birthday Golden Chain-er ;)" Further discussion led to a link to a Wikipedia article about the work's author, Alexander well as a quotation from Edgar Lee Masters, who was also born on Aug. 23.

Vladimir also posted on the Walls of a few players (perhaps those who hadn't spoken to him recently), inquiring if everything was all right. (*nudge* :))

theclaw applied to join the Order's forum.

Dagada asked Orpheus, "Darkness is but a speck in the light, say the ones who would not restrain Pleiades. What say you, @Oeagrusson?"

Orpheus replied (Aug. 26), "@dagadadagada You talk of the tenth king? I know the sisters well, as one who has sailed previously - do you seek something little owl?"

Aug. 26

Asked by Sirannon if he'd recalled any more memories (and by another player how he was in general), Vladimir responded, "Sorry for delay - been feeling faint recently - Somethings trying to get to the surface but is like a door is in the way. Unsure if I wnt to be opening doors right now"

He also posted, "Deciding whether or not to go to a hypnotist..." theclaw suggested that perhaps his past had been lost for a reason, and that he might have to face consequences ("good or ill") if he did decide to reclaim those memories.

Aug. 27, 2010

Dagada continued to Orpheus, "@Oeagrusson indeed - I feel like you hold two doors open. Can one be a servant to two masters? Or do you merely facilitate?"

Orpheus: "@dagadadagada Monty Hall I am not.I help those I seek to help & who ask for it.Nothing more, nothing less.Time is not your ally here though."

Orpheus also tweeted, "read around as well as itself: The rhyme of the poet Modulates the king's affairs; Balance-loving Nature Made all things in pairs."

Vladimir asked, "Looking to find old friends. Not reunite with them, but find out what they're doing professionally. They were quite business minded - any ideas anyone where I could find someone? I'd like to link up with them again..." He briefly explored, but upon finding that his name was already taken there--and that the information there didn't ring any bells consistent with what he could remember of his former life--he later decided to abandon that avenue.

Aspen posted a new blog entry:

Ten days
Why has it taken so long for me to post again? Things have gotten very complicated and yet have, in their own way, become so so simple.
I asked for more recruits, more to help our cause. More came.
And now I pause - why?
Fear. Fear is a very odd thing - to ask someone to put themselves, their lives, on the line for what? Something that almost seems fictional at times - we are a gathering of people who put themselves between a highly funded organisation and humanity. We get no reward, no-one knows of us apart from the organisation itself and those we call allies.
So trust and fear.
Please, you have me [my] email. Ask me again about our cause, our activities, and I will tell you. Nothing being held back. Everyone is in agreement - it does not matter what the organisation know we know - they know it already. So our best hope is in sharing our knowledge.
So why not just post it direct here? Knowledge is still dangerous and by posting it publicly I'd endanger many who would not know what they'd get into. If you email me from this point, you are signing up to being one of us. Prepared to travel to save humanity. To research and not just watch. Our members are world-wide as well, just not as numerous, not as resourced. But we have what they do not - the light of truth.

Aug. 28, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "@dagadadagada Are you at some sort of convention?Ask those around you if they wish to help in the restoring of the balance.I will reward you"

Also: "Fifteen days of darkness loom in our winter.After this time,all will change. Do you want it to be light or dark? DM me for more information."

Dagada complied with Orpheus' request:

"#frightfest Light or Darkness? Time is short. The wolves will swallow the sun. You can help or stop them. Contact @Oeagrusson to choose.#arg"
"@Oeagrusson If I was a wise man, I would do my part...."
"#frightfest the transformed wolves hide in the shadow cast by the Silver Poplar, gnawing the roots. Light or Darkness? Contact @Oeagrusson"
"#frightfest time is short. Light sleeps. Darkness may smother it. Do you choose the Silver Poplar or the Oborot? Contact @Oeagrusson #arg"
"To all my followers, please assist @Oeagrusson. The howls grow louder, the light will fight back. Balance must be restored. #arg"
"[please note - all posts regarding @Oeagrusson are invitations to enter a complex and challenging free storytelling game and not a cult] oog"

Aug. 29, 2010

On return from holiday, Cortez found that the Order had sent him the same invitation to apply for membership in the Order.

After submitting his 100 words, the Order responded again to him, again asking for proof, but with different text than was sent to Merago:

Subject: Steiner's Last Step
To be truly free, you must be prepared to let go of

everything. Of all respects, of all morals, of all balance. To give in to that which lies underneath, you must embrace it.

We can show you how. But we need evidence, proof if you

will, of your convictions.

Send us evidence that we should take you at your word and

deed. This can be in any form, but go beyond words now. Give us something more tangible, more visual, more true.

Do this soon, and you shall be rewarded with what your

imagination craves for.

Jayden A Doyle.

Regarding the subject line, Cortez noted, "there is a mathematical problem known as 'The General Steiner Tree-Star problem', so it's possible that it might be a nudge towards the ritual with the tree."

Orpheus tweeted, "@lafinj @poodlewrestler Half to you, complete to me.Answer me within days three.Direct message only.Share with others, ask the bird you see."

A task was set for Dagada; he was promised that if he could complete it by the end of August, then Orpheus would answer two questions honestly. [I guess this fell through?--dreamerblue]

Aug. 31, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "Poetry offers balance to the soul: Such a loss, yet creation comes from it..."

He also retweeted from stephenfry: "This is just too impossibly splendid for words... Try it"

Vladimir posted, "With Sean's advice booking the appointment with the hypno-therapist. He's quite busy so 22nd September first time that was free. Hope I'm doing the right thing."

Orpheus tweeted about Vladimir: "Concerned about the Pale Fire writer on FB. If he recalls his past, then things may be endangered - his coma was no accident. #arg"

Claire posted, "Claire Vanessa Atalanta is feeling bloody neglected!" After inquiry, she elaborated, "It's Ben thats all! He's being a bit busy and rubbish lately. A bit like me i guess lol! Sorry for not being around much lately, but have been so busy with my hideous assignment"

September 2010Edit

Sept. 1, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "Bards of the Future! you that come/With striding march, and roll of drum,/What will your newest challenge be/To our prose-bound community?"

Sept. 2, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "wondering on: surely not them? OR... well, big brother had similar..."

Asked more about her assignment, Claire elaborated,

Well at the moment I'm looking at dual natures in supernatural literature - jekyll and hyde, dracula and the ideas of change. i found this quote that has stuck with me:-
Two souls dwell, alas, in my breast
Each would from the other split;
One clutches, in its dullish lust
Tight to the world with its organs' grip;
The other raises itself forcibly from dust:
High ancestral fields are its quest.
Faust I, lines 1112-7
I've been trying to work on it but I'm having such difficulty. Plus Ben was supposed to be visiting here the beginning of September but now he's saying it will probably be the end of the month. I know I should be grateful he still wants to come, but it's hard. Coupled with the fact that he's so busy recruiting at work and spending more time with his band and so hardly ever hear from him lately it's starting to really get me down:( When we started chatting I thought he was so attentive and smart but I didn't want to get too involved. I mean after all he lives in Canada, but he's kind of suckered me in and now i've only heard from him once in what seems like forever!!!

Sept. 3, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "Both light and dark are recruiting and talking once more. The Silver Poplar blogs while They that change are linked in a bit more now. #arg"

Dagada found Jayden on LinkedIn: . The logo for the AlphaStar company (Alpha*) is particularly interesting. Is Jayden the alpha male of the Order?

Dagada also found a Vladimir on LinkedIn who was with a company called Trustbusters--this is what I referred to earlier when I said that Vladimir gave up on trying LinkedIn when he found someone else there with his name but whose details didn't fit with what he could remember of his past.

Dagada noted that Jayden had a connection on LinkedIn, but that it wasn't to Vladimir, and that he couldn't figure out to whom the connection led.

In the details about his past, Jayden's profile mentioned that he was the "Overseer of Isest Nonverus" at Asbestos Removal (Groves) Ltd. from January '82 to January '83. Cortez reported that "Is est non verus" is Latin for "It is not right" or "It is not true". The company, Asbestos Removal (Groves) Ltd., is a real one (here's it's website), BUT the reason the profile asks us not to contact it is that it is totally OOG--the PM is just using his joke again of using things that abbreviate to A.R.G. :).

Vladimir started a chat with James when he was away from his computer, and unfortunately he didn't save the chat; however, James believes Vladimir invited him to play chess online, and also made reference to being stuck at home, sick and bored, when he was younger.

Later, Vladimir and James managed to connect. James jokingly mentioned if he didn't like the memories he had revealed, that 'conspiracy nuts' talked about a box of red and green light that could be used to make people forget things. James went into detail about it. Right after that, the conversation ended with this:

ok, i don't know how
you do it, but wheneber i taalk to you i get heead achhes
ii will, iff youu do t mind go aand lie downbn

Sept. 4, 2010

Orpheus tweeted, "@poodlewrestler @jamjarmc @dagadadagada @lafinj The riddle remains unanswered - I assume you do not wish to help then? A pity..."

Aspen blogged:

4 September
I ask the Rose of Viterbo to help us resist the flames of darkness that flicker ahead in time, that come forth in a third-year hence.
Please, let others come and join our crusade. Before the moons wane even more and create darkness forever more.
So be it.
Friends, if you are of truth in your heart, join our crusades against the darkness - assist those that carry lanterns to banish shadow. Not many have come forth - I ask all that read this to contact me by my email. Thank you.

Cortez found several new links to characters:

I heard back from JAD on LinkedIn. His original connection was:
Her name is Chloe Newton, and she's a healer/tarot reader/massage therapist.
She has a website at:
It's definitely in-game. Bleidd is Welsh for 'wolf'.
Facebook profiles of two people who also work at the company: Genia, and Stuart

Cortez, Dagada and Staeld received invitations to meet on the 22nd near Parliment Square. Cortez reported that the location is a pedestrian 'island' on St. Margaret Street right by the traffic lights leading round to Parliament Square. Oddly, this location on streetview is missing - all images around are there but that precise one says 'Image no longer available'.

Cortez had a FB chat with Genia from BleiddHealing.

Cortez also got a rune reading done by Stuart:

Just so you have for your records:
Past: Jera
Present: Turisaz [reversed]
Future: Algiz [reversed]
There is danger surrounding choices you have made regarding a powerful person.
This interaction involves doorways/choices of some type and threatens to upset the balance you have, the circle of life you have had in the past.
The immediate future holds potential danger regarding opening a new door/closing an old one.
Sorry couldn't be more positive mate.

Cortez also asked Stuart to specifically look at the period from 21stDec to 4th Jan. He gave the following reading:

1 past: sowilu = sun, summer, light
2 assist: ansuz = highest communication - prayer - names+words must be specific
3 present: mannaz = mankind, humanity, hero representing mankind all of mankind affected
4 challenge: isa = stagnation/deceits/illusion/betrayal
5 future: algiz = 15th rune - darkness - loss of communication with one's god - battle
Hopefully things will spell out better than we first predict eh mate? If we look at things from the other way - it may be better?
Gonna go bed - knackered now.
Look after yourself - careful with the women mate!

Stuart also said that he'd got a virus on his computer.

Cortez also looked into the meanings of these new characters' names:

Genia Morena = Marzanna (Slavic Goddess of Death and Winter) -
Genia also means 'sacrifice' or 'maiden', but 'genia loci' are also protective spirits in Roman mythology.
Stuart Hamecon = all I can find on this is that 'hamecon' is French for hook (which links in with his 'woolfhook' image). I'm sure there's something more to his name than that, but what it is I just can't figure out. I've fed it through an anagram solver and there are thousands, some meaningful but many not.

Timeline archive to be continued; continue from .