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The Order of Oborot: Their equivalent of an "About Us" page is basically ; clicking the symbol there takes you to their forum at , but you have to have a registered account with them and log in before you can see any of the forum posts.

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Chloe I Newton, healer and massage therapist, on LinkedIn: (note: studied physics at the Uni of Wolverhampton)

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Genia (a Tarot reader):

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"Who's who" of PlayersEdit

I made this chart mainly because I get confused...but if you don't want to be in this table, just edit yourself out (or ask Dreamerblue to do it for you if you're wiki-shy). I edited this from the Player Groups page of the Vanessa Atalanta wiki (, removing inactive players; people I've overlooked will likely need to be added.

unfiction nameFacebook nameTwitter nameMoA codename
amandelAmandel Amamandel77Erginus
celendisSolitary SolacecelendisCalais
Cortez(?)garywebster(none - did not play)
DagadaPaul BirddagadadagadaAscalaphus
dawndilionDawn Ellison(?)Medea
dreamerblueRêveuse BleuedreamerblueonIdmon
ironnikkiJohn Georgelafinj(none - did not play)
SirannonAmanda LoganFadedSidhePhiloctetes
sirpoinsSmitty StevenssirpoinsPalaimonius
Telos954James NicholsTelos954Admetus
theclawSarah TallonPuddingbatEuphemus